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Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)

Physical Vapour Deposition processes employ a combination of thermal and electromagnetic energy to generate evaporation of high melting point materials so that they can be deposited onto target surfaces.
The processes can be applied to single components or, as in the case of Almeco’s plant, to continuous strip. It is a clean technology, not producing toxic waste material, capable of depositing a wide range different metals and inorganic compounds.
PVD process
The particular processes employed by Almeco in its new production line are electron beam sputtering, in which evaporation under vacuum is obtained by focusing a stream of electrons on the surface of a bed of the materials to be evaporated, or magnetron sputtering, in which a plate or bar of the material to be coated is charged electro-magnetically to provoke evaporation of the material onto the desired surface.


Almeco uses these PVD processes to make its high reflectance “Vega” product range and the Almeco-Tinox solar absorber range.
In the Vega production line, multi-layer coating is achieved on a continuous strip of metal in a sequence of deposition steps using both electron beam evaporation and magnetron sputtering.

Pvd multi layer process
These processes permit the controlled deposition of nanometric layers of both metals and inorganic compounds to produce a reflection performance second to none, with over 98% total reflectance being possible from a metallic mirror surface.
Compared to high-reflection anodized aluminium, the treatment maintains the typical anti-scratch and anti-static qualities, and resistance to humidity and tarnishing while giving up to 10% greater reflectivity.

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Why PVD?

In today’s energy conscious society, the efficiency of lighting fixtures is ever more important since around 20% of the world’s energy is consumed in lighting.

The Physical Vapour Deposition process provides the means to apply controlled thin layers of specially selected materials to produce coating systems that bring reflectance to a new high level.

Vega 95 products, with total reflectance values of 95% and more, allow efficiency gains of over 15% compared to pre-anodized aluminium.
The Vega 98 range, with over 98% total refelctance, allows even greater gains to be made.

VEGA is the latest generation in high reflectance aluminium and its PVD coating technology increases total reflectance by up to 13 % compared to standard anodized aluminium.
VEGA is ideal for the manufacture of reflectors for T5 and T8 fluorescent lights, HID lamps and retrofit applications.
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